Trinkets & Dishes

$50.00$65.00 /pax


Pouring your mixture with your catered colours into a mould and see your product come alive!

2 Day workshop:

Day 1 – Introduction to resin and how its used and mixed. The making of your product using resin and your outlook colour choice. Leaving it to set/dry for 24hours at best.

Day 2 – Collection any day (during office hours). Take it home and show off your artistic skills!

*Please arrive 5-10 minutes early before class as we will start on time. $10 /hour/pax will be implemented for extended workshop time.

Earth Plate (Diameter: 12cm) | Hexagon Trinket (7.5cm X 8.8cm x 3.5cm[H]) | Oblong Trinket (10cm X 5cm X 3cm[H]) | Hexagon Coaster (11.5cm, 10cm, 1.3cm[H]) | Oblong plate 18cm X 9.5cm X 1.7cm[H] | Square plate (10.9cm X 1.6cm[H]