Trial Workshop

$30.00$55.00 /pax

This is an enjoyable 1h ~ 1h30min to get your hands on the art of uv-resin & epoxy resin, experience the fun in craft making in this valuable trial class!
Choose between the following:
1h30min workshop
  • 1 pair Mini-stud earring using colours / real florals
  • 1 Mini-keycharm using colours / real florals
1h workshop (Collection on separate day)
  • Tea cup set (1 cup [6.7cm x 3.3cm (H)]  and 1 coaster 8cm x 1cm thickness])
Trial class is suitable for 10 years old and above and no experience is required.
No minimum pax required to start a class!
Please arrive 5-10 minutes early so we can start on time as there will be a demonstration on how to create your craft. For late comers there will be no repetition in demonstration and will need to reschedule for the next available session. Kindly note that once purchase is made class is non-refundable.
Kindly Note: $10 /hour/pax will be charged for extra hour thereafter.