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Create your own pieces and take them home. Magicten offers you the following programme below to conceptualise your end product.

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A 2-3 day program for participants will include the design and finishing of the end product. For Resin, this substance needs to be mixed and set completely before collection. The programe fee for each course will depend on the program type, which would be based on size of the resin and product.

Each lesson has its dedicated time to complete your craft. Additional $10 will be charged for extra hour thereafter.

Magicten will provide everything you need from equipment, accessory needs, to your specific colour.

Trinkets & Dishes

We have a large amount of moulds to choose from. Sanding will be necessary depending on the mould selected. For home decor use we offer mould for plate, small dishes, trinket, and much more.


Resin Pour

Don’t have patience? Don’t worry, try the dirty pour and get results instantly.

Stylistic creations can be made using a pouring method. Create this with a friend, partner or yourself!



UV-resin is a one-day workshop. By using the uv-light you’ll get to see how science interacts with light & art. Be amazed how versatile resin can be and its fun, exciting results!