Sama sama redefines the narrative of migrant workers as unconventional leaders. In the collaboration with NGO HealthServe, the campaign guides the public to see migrant workers in a different light and #morethan their roles in Singapore. Sama Sama means “Same Same”, drawing parallels between the aspirations of migrant workers and ourselves.

The campaign comprises an exhibit curated by cross-disciplinary local artists, who use art as the universal language to challenge the perception and ignite dialogue. Harmonised with technology, this will showcase inspiring stories of role models who have impacted themselves and their community in diverse ways.

The Resin Room is built by using epoxy resin, 3cm thick panel walls measuring 15m total in length & 5m height embedded with migrant worker photos, quotes & stories written by migrant workers, and iridescent sheets in between.

Magicten went onto CNA to talk about the project to shine light to the campaign and the making of the resin panels. Also blessed to have Madam Halimah graced the exhibit with the amazing team.

The exhibit was held at Li Ka Shing Library and SMU, 2019.