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Plan your next big event with us!

Do you have a team-bonding workshop event coming up and you have no idea what to do? Look for Magicten Art Studio to plan your next corporate workshop in the comfort of your own venue, or we can host the workshop at our venue – Magicten Art Studio itself.

We have options fit for your team-building workshop from small items to big items. For the coffee table you can divide amongst 2-4 pax to add beauty to your office, or make a stool for your colleagues to make it more fun! Smaller choices such as trinkets or dishes can easily be done by add your favourite colours. Do we have anything smaller? Yes, we do! We have key-charms which is most liked by our customers as it is both fun, immersive and entertaining! Take these mementos home as a reminder of your team activity, or even better, have everyone make one for someone else in the team!

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Tailored Corporate Packages

We can come to your office/venue/space to set up and prepare the materials for the participants, conduct the workshop, then clean up after the workshop is complete. Make it the best fun event with this new art form and be amazed by what you can create, what are you waiting for!? We will ensure your corporate workshop activity will be the best experience!

Magicten Art Studio has a space of 970sqf, with 8 tables which can sit 1-4 pax. Plus, an extra 2 tables on the side for additional use. We also have a fridge if it serves necessary. With this space there is plenty of space for your next cooperate workshop experience!

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Why choose us for your team building workshop in Singapore?

Whether you have a brand new group or everyone in the team is old friends, the importance of team building cannot be understated. Get to uncover your teammates’ creative side when everyone gets to work shaping resin into their desired object. As a rare art form that few have had the opportunity to experience, we are confident that our resin workshops are the perfect way to unwind with your teammates and yet challenge yourselves in a fun manner!

At Magicten Art Studio, we would like to share the joy of learning something new coupled with the limitless creative aspect of crafting items. As an added bonus, everyone can work together to make something for the office, or little tokens to give to each other. With our experience in hosting corporate workshops in Singapore, our services are specially tailored to fit the needs of any company or organisation. Don’t have a full day available for the team-bonding activity? Not to worry, as we also have quick one-time workshops enabling your team to bond over the wonder of crafting with resin. We can also come down to your venue to save you even more time.

What are you waiting for? Any time is a good time to share the fun over resin!

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