About the Artist

I believe in sharing what I enjoy and extend to current and curious new artistic groups. A place to learn new things and take pleasure in a new art form. I believe art is a plan of action to express the imaginative where a platform is given.

Thus I’ve created this workshop just for that purpose.

Enjoy the process, and be amazed by your artistic result!​

There’s every re-sin to join!

A Place Where The Magic Happens!

Create your own pieces and take them home. Magicten offers you the following programme below to conceptualise your end product.


A 2-3 day program for participants will include the design and finishing of the end product. For Resin, this substance needs to be mixed and set completely before collection. The programe fee for each course will depend on the program type, which would be based on size of the resin and product.

Each lesson has its dedicated time to complete your craft. Additional $5 will be charged for extra hour thereafter.

Magicten will provide everything you need from equipment, accessory needs, to your specific colour.

Trinkets & Dishes

We have a large amount of moulds to choose from. Sanding will be necessary depending on the mould selected. For home decor use we offer mould for plate, small dishes, trinket, and much more.

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Resin Pour

Don’t have patience? Don’t worry, try the dirty pour and get results instantly.

Stylistic creations can be made using a pouring method. Create this with a friend, partner or yourself!

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UV-resin is a one-day workshop. By using the uv-light you’ll get to see how science interacts with light & art. Be amazed how versatile resin can be and its fun, exciting results!

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Read Some Of The Reviewers

Who Have Attended The Resin Class!


I attended the Resin workshop, Mimi was very nice and helpful. Color mixing may seem simple but the results were amazing! Totally recommend the course, you can make many Jeweries from one workshop~

Mei Qian

I enjoyed myself so much with Mimi in her dirty pour workshop! I LOVE the resin board that I made. Not to mention, Mimi is a fantastic instructor whose happiness and passion is contagious. Can’t wait to attend more classes again!


Mimi was such a gem to work with! She’s patient and kind and so so encouraging towards others! It was definitely an experience to remember making jewelry for the first time! The workshop was easy to grasp and learn and I’m absolutely in love with the outcome! Will definitely be back to try out the other classes!


Love the entire experience. You get to design and make your own resin earrings and with the materials provided the possibility is endless. The instructor/owner is a lovely lady, love her to bits:)

Mike Leung

Perfect 10 out of 10 experience for a lovely weekend. The required skill set was easy to pick up and the end product will quite possibly be an artistic feature at home