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About the Artist

Singapore-based resin artist Mimi Liu, with parentage from Taiwan and Hong Kong, born and raised in Bloemfontein, South Africa, in a town where she discovered how to express her creative thoughts through art, and expanded her creative boundaries.

She furthered her studies in one of the most influential academy of fine arts, China Academy of the Arts, in Hangzhou. Since 2009, intensive studies into resin art and explorations into various media has brought her to appreciate the message and story within different mediums. After China, she travelled to Singapore and completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts, at LASALLE College of the Arts.

She now practices and runs her own studio, MAGICTEN ART STUDIO opened in 2017 focusing purely on the material resin, she customises contemporary art pieces to achieve the captivating flair within all of her resin works and teachings.

The meaning of the company name comes from personal experience, you can create anything you imagine. From imagination, to conceptualisation to application.

Therefore, you can create art through your ten magic fingers.

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Magicten In The Media


Mimi was featured by CNA on 2019 to talk about the project to shine light to the campaign for the migrant workers. Magicten was approached to be the main artist to build panel walls out of resin to transform the look to resemble a glass room, the room holds the other artists who focused on light, sound and video.

This contemporary outlook mimic’s the outlook to look like coloured glass, which provokes the meaning to ‘look deeper’ than the surface. The Resin Room is a 3cm thick panel walls measuring 15m total in length and 5m height, embedded in the panel are the migrant worker photos, quotes, poems and stories.

This project is blessed to have Madam Halimah graced the exhibit with the amazing team. The exhibit was held at Li Ka Shing Library and SMU, 2019. National University of Singapore, and throughout the year exhibited at WeWorks Suntec, Central @ ClarkeQuay and featured in the Straits Times.


The year of Covid was not kind to anyone. It caused many to feel much enclosed within their homes with limited flexibility. Mimi was featured on Vasantham, ‘Hello Hello Sugama’ Season 3 Ep 11, to talk about mental health amongst senior citizens to feature how art can be the healing factor for such times. A therapeutical healing art class which can destress the mind and feel fresh again.

As she specializes in a unique material called resin which is slowly on the rise in the art scene in Singapore. The importance of this is to help release anxiety and emotional release for mind and body leads the mind to think differently in a new creative process.

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Reviews Of Those Who Have Attended Mimi’s Resin Class!

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I attended the Resin workshop, Mimi was very nice and helpful. Color mixing may seem simple but the results were amazing! Totally recommend the course, you can make many Jeweries from one workshop~

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Mei Qian

I enjoyed myself so much with Mimi in her dirty pour workshop! I LOVE the resin board that I made. Not to mention, Mimi is a fantastic instructor whose happiness and passion is contagious. Can’t wait to attend more classes again!

review 2


Mimi was such a gem to work with! She’s patient and kind and so so encouraging towards others! It was definitely an experience to remember making jewelry for the first time! The workshop was easy to grasp and learn and I’m absolutely in love with the outcome! Will definitely be back to try out the other classes!

review 2


Love the entire experience. You get to design and make your own resin earrings and with the materials provided the possibility is endless. The instructor/owner is a lovely lady, love her to bits:)

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Mike Leung

Perfect 10 out of 10 experience for a lovely weekend. The required skill set was easy to pick up and the end product will quite possibly be an artistic feature at home